SHANGHAI SAMBON PUFF is established in May 2001. The investment is provided by Korea SAMBON CO.,LTD.
We specialized in produce powder puff and NBR sponge. Our company regards abundant experience, advanced quality, new technology accumulated the advantage over the past 35 years as, there are Hangzhou LG cosmetics, Shenyang AMORE cos- metics, L'Oreal of Suzhou, Shanghai Zheng-Ming-Ming, Shanghai Jahwa, Beijing Dabao, Arche etc main customers process sells.

Present situation of the equipment
Three foaming machine, one automatically cutting out machine, four oil pressure cutting out machine, one press the puncher , nineteen grinding machine, one washing machine, three drying-machine , three boiler, one steam room , two air compressor ma- chine, line of automatic packing flowing , pure water equipment, autopack pipelining , dust remover equipment

Personnel's present situation
5 peoples in the office,3 peoples in the technology dept. ,
2 peoples in the sales dept., 30 peoples in the workshop

Production scale
NBR sponge 100 million per month
Flocked puff 50 million per month
Powder puff 50 million per month

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